I can haz Maidrobot?

Since I've been asked more than once if there is a possibility to automate the sync I'll give you some ideas for this. Please note that as long as the MAL API access has to happen with your personal credentials I will not providing this service on my end.

The form you fill out for the sync is pretty basic and sends all the input data to the script at the address http://txm.huere.net/sync.php. This then runs with the provided information. To automate the process all you need to do is just send that info to the address.
The required fields are:
  • tUN=yourname - Your trakt username
  • mUN=yourname - Your MAL username
  • mPW=yourpassword - Your MAL password
  • sShows=1 - If you want to sync your TV history
  • sMovies=1 - If you want to sync your Movie history
  • sRatings=1 - If you want to add your ratings

  • There are plenty of options depending on your desired platform. On Windows for example you can do this with a PowerShell script which you can schedule as a task. It could look like this:
    $txm = @{tUN='yourname';mUN='yourname';mPW='yourpassword';sShows=1;sMovies=1}
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://txm.huere.net/sync.php -Method POST -Body $txm

    There are also app solutions to do this on mobile. I've been pointed at Workflow for iOS for example. It lets you post form data with a simple GUI.